Muintir - The Show

Muintir noun f /ˈmˠiːn̠ʲtʲəɾʲ/ Meaning: people, folk – also in the sense of family

The Irish are known for leaving – and then, for longing to return.

They are also known for their music which describes all sides of life in a catchy and gripping way: from binge drinking to love; from horse races where both horse and rider have put all their money on their opponent, to the intense and heartfelt longing for home.

In this show, we let the music take us on a journey through life. The show is named after our band – Muintir: No matter where we go, where we end up, and who we meet on the way: we’re just people, all of us – and that’s what we all have in common.

At a glance

  • What: Traditional folk tunes; covers of well-known and less well-known songs; Irish dance
  • Duration: Approx. 75 minutes; no intermission
  • Line-up: Our line-up is flexible, depending on the wishes and requirements of the venue

Basic crew (Muintir the Band): 4 artists

  • Brendan Monaghan: Uilleann pipes, whistles, guitar, bodhrán, vocals
  • Kaja Kowalska: Vocals, guitar, whistles, dance
  • Cecilie Stensrud: Vocals, fiddle, dance
  • Gareth Eason: Guitar, keyboards, whistles, vocals

Large crew: 6–10 artists

    Customisable to your needs and venue. For example:
  • Basic crew (as above)
  • 2 additional musicians (percussion and flute/fiddle/accordion)
  • 4 additional dancers